Hire Our Graduates

Daytona College believes that quality education leads to quality employees. We recruit and retain highly qualified instructors who are effective in the classroom and are familiar with current business and technical trends. Daytona College has maintained its commitment of providing the highest quality education to its students. Through that commitment, Daytona College trains and prepares students to become valuable employees through its hands-on education and strict work ethic philosophies.

Daytona College not only trains students with the most up-to-date technologies and skills, but the College is dedicated to instilling work ethic characteristics such as honesty, dependability, professionalism, and teamwork.  Our graduates are trained and prepared for entry-level positions in their field.

To find out more information about hiring Daytona College graduates, contact our Career Services Department today.  You’ll be glad you did!

Featured Employer of the Month

As a salon owner new to the area, I was ready to give up with the usual Craigslist responses that showed up not prepared with a resume or even their license ready let alone some didn’t even take the time to dress appropriately. Generally, they also had been in the business for some time, bitter, and still didn’t have clientele. I finally decided why not go directly to the source and that is when I called and was invited over to Daytona College. I was given a comprehensive tour of the facility. The first recommendation that came for an interview came prepared with a resume, her license and even a portfolio. We hit it off and now we are in our first week together doing Groupons and have a very bright future together. If another opportunity to expand comes up again, I won’t hesitate to contact Michelle again. Daytona College gives their students the education to get right into a position and start working with little additional training needed.

Debbie Edwards
Ormond Salon and Boutique, Owner